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To Play Queen Loud, Or Not? That Is My Question To You

Okay folks, it’s confession time and also time for me to ask this question to all of you. How many of us actually play Queen loud all of the time? How many of us don’t play Queen loud… … all of the time?

Whether you do or you don’t, I won’t judge anyone and I am among those that will play Queen loud, but not every time I listen to them. I also don’t listen to them at full blast either, because I don’t have one of my senses and I need to be careful of not ruining my hearing. For those of you who are reading this and you listen to the Queen Podcast, you may remember in the 11th episode, my email was read out. I had mentioned that I’m blind from birth and there for, have no sight and can not read lips, or watch TV, movies, or anything visual on the screen. So, the audio is how I know what is happening and I will get more into hearing later on.

I obviously love Queen and they sound best at a high volume, but I don’t crank it up to 100 every time I listen to one of my five favourite bands. Besides, the untitled track on Made In Heaven isn’t very loud anyway, so try and crank it up to where the floor is shaking and it is as loud, as it would be at a gig.

The other reason is that I listen to music on my iPhone and through EarPods and not through a speaker. I also live in an apartment and I don’t want to be the inconsiderate neighbor, who has the music up loud all the time. We have enough of those in our building already and I’m not one to be a pain in the ass, just because I love Queen, or 4 other bands who play hard rock and metal. The only time I listen to Queen at a lower volume than at acoustic level, is what I want to listen to them, in order to put me to sleep and Made In Heaven has been the album to do that and the untitled track has also been my alarm to wake me up, before iOS15 and getting my latest iPhone. I also give listening to Queen on the radio a pass, as it is coming out of one speaker and the radios I have are used for more than just listening to music.

Here is the other part to the review.

So, do you or don’t you listen to Queen loud all of the time? If you don’t I won’t call you names and if you do, that’s fine. I hope that nobody has lost any of their hearing because of Queen. I don’t want to and if I lose it, let’s just say that my life will have changed drastically and I would have to learn how to communicate using sign language, or people having to repeat things to me again and again and again, because I could no longer hear as good as I once did. Besides, I also have perfect pitch and if I lose that, there goes any way of enjoying the music as music and I don’t want to risk losing any of my hearing and having everything sound like noise.

All I’m really sayng is I hope that we are all responsible, for how loud we play one of our favourite bandss and if we do in fact lose our hearing, are we willing to take responsibility for our actions? I do listen to Queen loud sometimes, but not just because it’s Queen and especially after what I have told you here. Sometimes, I have no choice, but to crank it up and obviously, I would prefer to choose when to turn it up to 1000, or not, as we all should.


Published by blindgordie

I am a blind at birth human and love to write. I have many interests and they are all in all 3 blogs I have here. Hopefully you enjoy reading them as much as I have had both fun and a hard time putting together each post.

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