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The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, 31 Years Later

Hi folks. Something tremendous had happened 31 years ago today and I want to talk about it here, because it relates to Queen. The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert had taken place on April 20th 1992 at Wembley Stadium, the same venue where Queen had stolen the show at Live Aid on July 13th 1985. OnContinue reading “The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, 31 Years Later”

Remembering Taylor Hawkins

Hi folks. It was one year today that we lost Taylor Hawkins, drummer and occasional singer of Foo Fighters. His best friend and boss Dave Grohl would switch places and get behind the drum kit, while Taylor would sing any number of songs, including those by Queen. Why not? Taylor loved Queen as they wereContinue reading “Remembering Taylor Hawkins”

Classic Queen, 31 Years Later

On march 3rd 1992, Classic Queen came out and I got my copy on Monday March 16th, which was the first day of our March Break and no ping-ponging to and from school for exactly a week from that date, because of a winter storm, the following Sunday. I was excited as this would beContinue reading “Classic Queen, 31 Years Later”

Happy 32nd Birthday To Innuendo

It was 32 years ago today, that Innuendo had come out and this is a post about how it relates to me and how it had kick started my Queen fandom, shortly after it had come out. I will be repeating some things from previous posts, but you will understand why in a bit. BackContinue reading “Happy 32nd Birthday To Innuendo”

Being A Queen Fan Pt 2, Living On My Own

Hi folks. This is the second part of my post about my years as a Queen fan. This time I will talk about the years from 1994 to now and this will explain why I have always been honest about being a Queen head, but also enjoying other bands. So, here we go. Remember, backContinue reading “Being A Queen Fan Pt 2, Living On My Own”

Being a Queen Fan Pt 1, Me and Bob

Hi folks. This is about my first years as a queen fan. I’ve told you in the first post how I had initially got into the band, to the point of trying to be a completist and because of Queen’s back catalog, there is a lot to get and I got it all, except forContinue reading “Being a Queen Fan Pt 1, Me and Bob”