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Classic Queen, 31 Years Later

On march 3rd 1992, Classic Queen came out and I got my copy on Monday March 16th, which was the first day of our March Break and no ping-ponging to and from school for exactly a week from that date, because of a winter storm, the following Sunday. I was excited as this would beContinue reading “Classic Queen, 31 Years Later”

Happy 32nd Birthday To Innuendo

It was 32 years ago today, that Innuendo had come out and this is a post about how it relates to me and how it had kick started my Queen fandom, shortly after it had come out. I will be repeating some things from previous posts, but you will understand why in a bit. BackContinue reading “Happy 32nd Birthday To Innuendo”

Thank God It’s Christmas

Hi folks. I hope that we are all safe and warm, especially if you are getting dumped on by snow and blown away by strong winds and freezing under frigid temperatures. In southern Ontario Canada, we are getting just that, with the temperatures falling as the day progresses. We had a flash freeze and ofContinue reading “Thank God It’s Christmas”

Christmas 2022

Hi folks. This is my Christmas post, about 5 of my favourite Christmas songs I haven’t heard in any shopping mall or coffee shop, I had happened to stop in over the years. The one thing they have in common is that these songs are not traditional Christmas songs (with one exception) and are originalContinue reading “Christmas 2022”

To Play Queen Loud, Or Not? That Is My Question To You

Okay folks, it’s confession time and also time for me to ask this question to all of you. How many of us actually play Queen loud all of the time? How many of us don’t play Queen loud… … all of the time? Whether you do or you don’t, I won’t judge anyone and IContinue reading “To Play Queen Loud, Or Not? That Is My Question To You”