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Hi folks. How are all Gord’s people doing? Did we all have a great Christmas, or what ever you celebrate during the holidays? Have you eaten so much you could puke? Have you drank so much that you could piss it for a week? It was a rather quiet Christmas for me and I actually bought someone else and myself a Christmas gift this year, both for our iPhones. I also bought music on iTunes such as: Sevendust, Chimaira, Opeth and Cannibal Corpse. Yes, I love Queen as wellas a little progressive metal, death metal and even some alternative metal. With Sevendust, there is one song which has a bit of Queen in it and if you listen to the guitar solo for Unraveling, you may hear Clint Lowery channelling Brian at the end of the solo.

As for Opeth, they wanted to record one of their albums in the same studio as BohRhap and that is cool. Huh? I can’t find any Queen, but here is a cover of a classic track from Robin Trower

It’s 2023 and we have some milestone anniversaries this year to take note of, when it comes to Queen. First, the debut album on July 13th 1973, Star Fleet Project with Brian and the late Eddie Van Halen 10 years later, Living On My Own from Freddie was put out as a single and it went gangbusters, in clubs in 1993, Brian’s Back To The Light was released in February 1993 in the US and Canada, Roger released Fun On Earth in 2013 and it is possible that this year the Star Fleet Project will be rereleased and we could possibly get every take of all 3 songs on the EP.

Something else which has happened is that all Black Sabbath albums with Tony Martin on lead vocals are going to be released again and in most cases, digitally for the first time. Brian plays some smokin’ guitar on the song When Death Calls from the 1989 album Headless Cross. Speaking of Cross, The Cross had broken up in 1993 and this left Roger to return to his solo career after the 1984 album Strange Frontier and the 3 Cross albums: Shove It in 1987, Mad: Bad: And Dangerous To Know in 1990 and Blue Rock in 1991. I may do a post on The Cross and probably about one song inparticular, which features a sample of a movie starring Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. Can you guess what movie I am talking about?

There may be one more tour with Queen + Adam Lambert and maybe an anniversary rerelease? The first album maybe? Hopefully we will get some new Queen compilation or something this year, besides any solo work. I will also turn 50 in June and this means that Queen have released albums during my life, with the debut coming out while I was still in the hospital, probably in an incubator as I was only 2 pounds and 6 ounces at birth and as an adult, I’m kinda short anyway.

Well, let’s hope that this year will be better than last year, in all ways. I will leave that to you to figure out what I mean by that!


Published by blindgordie

I am a blind at birth human and love to write. I have many interests and they are all in all 3 blogs I have here. Hopefully you enjoy reading them as much as I have had both fun and a hard time putting together each post.

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