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Christmas 2022

Hi folks. This is my Christmas post, about 5 of my favourite Christmas songs I haven’t heard in any shopping mall or coffee shop, I had happened to stop in over the years. The one thing they have in common is that these songs are not traditional Christmas songs (with one exception) and are originalContinue reading “Christmas 2022”

Not Too Hot To Spot

Hi folks. As Queen fans, we all know that all 4 members write songs and some members have distinguishing features about their work. We also may have friends who may not be into Queen as yet and may become interested in hearing the music, along side what ever else they listen to. I have alwaysContinue reading “Not Too Hot To Spot”

The Day Some Music Was Murdered

Hi folks. Today is a sad day for me, when it comes to some of my favourite bands (other than Queen) and I will explain why so, read on. Today marks the anniversaries of two murders in rock and heavy metal and they have both affected me and members of Queen, in varying degrees. OnContinue reading “The Day Some Music Was Murdered”

To Play Queen Loud, Or Not? That Is My Question To You

Okay folks, it’s confession time and also time for me to ask this question to all of you. How many of us actually play Queen loud all of the time? How many of us don’t play Queen loud… … all of the time? Whether you do or you don’t, I won’t judge anyone and IContinue reading “To Play Queen Loud, Or Not? That Is My Question To You”

The Revenge Of A Night At The Opera

Hi folks. Today it is the Revenge of A Night At The Opera and I will explain the title in a bit. A Night at the Opera is Queen’s fourth studio album, released on 21 November 1975 by EMI Records in the Uk) and by Elektra Records in the US. The album would be producedContinue reading “The Revenge Of A Night At The Opera”

The Miracle Pt 2, Reissues and Recent Events

Hi folks. This is the second part to the post on The Miracle and the focus will be on the reissues, from 1991 to 2022. First, I need to get something off my chest concerning the Hollywood Records 1991 remaster, which shouldn’t have come out as it did. It had extended some songs and shortenedContinue reading “The Miracle Pt 2, Reissues and Recent Events”

The Miracle Pt 1, Reactions

Hi. Twas the night before The Miracle and all through the landWe were all simply wondering ‘bout The Invisible ManWould the drums be more natural, would the bass be as heartyThe Miracle more subtle…(let’s forget about Party)Breakthru is welcome…like catching that trainBut certain I don’t need Rain Must Fall again.Was it All Worth it –Continue reading “The Miracle Pt 1, Reactions”

Sheer Heart Attack, 48 Years Later

Hi folks. Today is the 48th anniversary Of Queen’s third album Sheer Heart Attack released on this date in 1974. It is their breakthrough album, with Killer Queen charting in the US and almost hitting the top spot in the UK. It wasn’t easy for this album to come together, because of health issues andContinue reading “Sheer Heart Attack, 48 Years Later”