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The Miracle Pt 2, Reissues and Recent Events

Hi folks. This is the second part to the post on The Miracle and the focus will be on the reissues, from 1991 to 2022. First, I need to get something off my chest concerning the Hollywood Records 1991 remaster, which shouldn’t have come out as it did. It had extended some songs and shortenedContinue reading “The Miracle Pt 2, Reissues and Recent Events”


The Miracle Pt 1, Reactions

Hi. Twas the night before The Miracle and all through the landWe were all simply wondering ‘bout The Invisible ManWould the drums be more natural, would the bass be as heartyThe Miracle more subtle…(let’s forget about Party)Breakthru is welcome…like catching that trainBut certain I don’t need Rain Must Fall again.Was it All Worth it –Continue reading “The Miracle Pt 1, Reactions”

Made In Heaven, 27 Years Later

Hi all and welcome to the second entry in the blog. So, how are all Gord’s people doing? Are we safe? Are we reasonably healthy? Today is the 27th anniversary of the release of the final proper studio album for Queen, Made In Heaven. Well, actually it is a conventional studio album and at theContinue reading “Made In Heaven, 27 Years Later”