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The Miracle Pt 2, Reissues and Recent Events

Hi folks. This is the second part to the post on The Miracle and the focus will be on the reissues, from 1991 to 2022. First, I need to get something off my chest concerning the Hollywood Records 1991 remaster, which shouldn’t have come out as it did. It had extended some songs and shortened others, with I Want It All being the most obvious. I hate it and I wish I had never bought it on either iTunes, or got it for Christmas in 1991. To be fair, other albums had remastering errors and they were all fixed for streaming services and hopefully, for later CD issues of the standard version of each album. As much as this will make me angry, here is the 1991 remaster of I Want It All and I’d better find the link, before I lose my shit.

Okay, I feel much better now and I am back to my easy-going self. In 2010, Queen had moved to Universal Music Group (outside of North America) after leaving EMI and it was the right decision, as EMI was going through changes. Artists were being transferred either to Universal, or Warner Music. I think this all had to do with a merger or something.

Anyway, all 15 studio albums were being rereleased as a part of Queen’s 40th anniversary and every album has a deluxe version, including The Miracle. All versions on CD and deluxe versions on digital and streaming services have the songs: Hang On In There, the instrumental Chinese Torture and The Invisible Man (12″ Version) and the Hollywood Records 1991 version also has Scandal (12″ Mix) as track 14. That is probably the one real plus for me about the 1991 version I got in Canada. Otherwise, in 2011 we all got Stealin’, Hijack My Heart and the demo of The Invisible Man with Roger’s guide vocal and Freddie doing Elvis.

This brings me to 2021, when I had heard rumblings of the possibility of The Miracle getting another 2 expanded versions and even more stuff which had been available for years on Youtube and this includes Face It Alone, which was the first track released for both the deluxe and super deluxe versions. I could go through the entire track listing, but why do that when I could give you the highlights and let you discover little things I had decided to leave out.

The entire 2011 deluxe version is a part of the super deluxe version and alternate versions of every song on the album. The Miracle is interesting as it has some different lyrics and I Want It All has a slightly different arrangement from the final version we know and love. Now we know that I Guess We’re All Falling Out had parts of it morphing into another song, namely Hang On In There and you have to listen deep into the track for anything familiar from that song.

The one thing I had been waiting for (besides any demos and rare tracks is the extended version of Breakthru, which does not start with A New Life Is Born. I don’t know why, but I like this version a lot and I don’t understand why it didn’t appear in 2011. Anyway, it’s here now and if you haven’t had a chance to hear it yet, here yah go.

The instrumentals are also interesting as we get to hear more of the idiosyncrasies that vocals drown out, with the guitars, keyboards, bass and drums pounding away. Besides, hearing songs that way helps in learning them on any instruments besides voice. I haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, but given that I’ve listened to them as a reduction years ago, I have a feeling that I won’t be surprised all that much. The only surprise I did find when giving them a brief listen was that Scandal doesn’t fade in when it starts, similar to Eight Days a Week by a band we may have heard of called The Beatles.

For those who still listen to vinyl, you get Too Much Love Will Kill You and the rest of us don’t. I wonder why that is and I am curious if this will be the same as it is on Made In Heaven, as this song was written and recorded around the time of The Miracle sessions.

Over the past few weeks, Queen has also been promoting the boxed set on YOutube, with unboxing and remastered videos. I’m going to go over the timeline of each of the videos which had been released on Queen’s Youtube channel, as they have been put in a Youtube playlist. However, as you can probably guess the list goes in counter-chronological order so, I’m going to give these videos to you in reverse order, from Face It Alone to the latest. Hopefully, the second part of the Queen The Greatest special comes out soon, as I hope it will fill in the gaps about how and why this boxed set has come out now and what it consists of, with the cd’s, dvds, blu-ray and other goodies, which are really for looking at rather than listening to. So, let’s start with the song which started the ball rolling on October 13th, as Face It Alone was announced in June and was originally supposed to be out in September. I don’t know why it was delayed, but it was certainly worth waiting for, as it sounds like a Bond theme.

Face It Alone would get its own official video on October 21 and here it is.

A new lyric video for The Miracle also was released and in the Youtube playlist, there is also a remastered version of The Miracle music video. Anyway, here is the new lyric video. By the way, I’ve never asked, but are there actually lyrics to the song in these videos? I’ve never asked until now and I hope that someone will tell me at some point. Thanks in advance.

To further wet our appetite for the boxed set, we have a video of Brian unboxing it and I have watched (or listened to) videos like this before sho this is not new to me.

We have another of those lyric videos and this time it is The Invisible Man. My guess is that what is on the screen isn’t blacked out.

We have another unboxing video for the Collectors Addition and it is shorter, than the other video here.

The Queen The Greatest video is next and I’m going to skip it because I have already put it in the other part to this post and I’m waiting for the second part to drop. Now, to further get us going, we have a traylor for the boxed set.

I Want It All is next with its own lyric video. Of course being a lyric video, the version we hear is the album version and not the single version, like in the official music video.

Now, we get to Was It All Worth It, finally getting its own official music video after all these years. It is said to be a career spanning video and it begs the question, whywasn’t there a music video for it in 1990? It should have been a single and like BohRhap, it should have been released without any edits. Anyway, the wait for a video for this fan favourite was indeed certainly worth it and here it is for you.

I am happy with what we were given, altho I wish that those of us who purchase our music on iTunes would have gotten the interviews and videos, that those who could afford to purchase it on CD, or would have room to put the box somewhere, without potentially damaging it. The interviews which are a part of the total package are the Queen For An Hour special from 1989, with Freddie, Brian, John and Roger and at one point, they are asked if they are going to tour. The answer is obviously no, because Freddie didn’t want to go on tour. We know why now, but it certainly was puzzling that a band like Queen, who are trying to get the whole world back wouldn’t want to go back out on the road. Plus, Freddie had said that he would only tour America if the album was a hit, in reference to The Works. If Queen could’ve gone on tour with this album, could you imagine how massive it would’ve been around the world, including the US and Canada? The fact that they couldn’t take it out on the road is the only disappointment, as it tics all the boxes with singles for everyone. Obviously, things didn’t work out like that and we in North America wouldn’t get a chance to see Queen with Freddie again, after the Hot Space tour. Sadly, I’ve never had a chance to see Queen live, in any incarnation, but at least I have the live albums with Freddie to give me an idea of what a Queen show sounds like, even if it is through speakers or earbuds. As for that interview I was telling you about, here yah go.

The new set also has John’s last interview on the set of filming Breakthrough, but what I’m really interested in hearing is the interview with Bob Coburn and the radio show Rockline, with Brian and Roger as guests in June 1989. I had heard a bit of it while I was north of Toronto at an overnight camp and unfortunately, I didn’t listen to the whole thing, as I really wanted to go to sleep.

Rockline was a show which put the fans in touch with the artist and it was broadcasted on many radio stations throughout the US and Canada, via satellite. Fans would call in and ask questions, which the artist would answer and I’ve called in a few times, to talk to various people like Robin Trower, Ian Asbury and Billy Duffy of The Cult, both when my voice hadn’t changed yet. I didn’t call in to talk to Queen though, but I had heard several episodes with Brian and Roger, or Brian by himself as guest. The question that stood out that was asked on the 1989 episode was when Queen albums would be released on compact disk. I forget the answer, but it is worth noting that in some countries all of the Queen albums were available on cd and Japan was one of them. Also, The Works, A Kind Of Magic and The Miracle were the only albums on disk available to US and Canadian fans at that time, until 1991, when Queen would finally have their entire diskography released on cd, except for the 1981 Greatest Hits album and that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, if you have the collectors addition of The Miracle, I hope you are enjoying all of the studio chatter as much as I am, along with early versions of every song off the album and other goodies and b-sides. What could be next? The Works? A Kinda Of Magic? Maybe the first album next year? I guess we will have to wait an
See. Before I forget, here is the second part of the Queen The Greatest episode on this album.


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